Circular Technologies has developed a roller design that is ideal for processing various forms of media, such as currency, paper documents, and even playing cards. Significantly lower the cost of your assembly and order your urethane rollers pre-assembled to the shaft.

Elegantly Designed, Superior Performance

We grind the tires in unison after assembly thereby achieving the lowest possible TIR (Total Indicator Reading). Presented in an integrated elegant design, there is no need for aluminum hubs or set screws. This approach offers the lowest cost alternative where there is light roller wear or when the individual tires do not need to be assembled concurrently as the shaft is being installed into the machine. An added benefit is that other components can also be preassembled, such as bearings, pulleys or mounting blocks. Since we manufacturing finished pulleys and machined blocks in-house, you can realize further cost savings of your installation.

Made with a similar urethane material as the outer wear surface, we use a thick, hard inner layer to achieve a heavy press-fit to the shaft. The interference fit of the tire will exceed the requirements of most paper/currency feed conditions. Tests that we performed on a few customer shafts demonstrate assembled tires withstand 30-100 lbs of axial force, depending on the size of the tire and the size of the shaft.

Our segmented rollers offer a clean look, and long life under constant loads and at high speeds. Urethane is an excellent material for use in moving paper and currency and has excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Our line of segmented rollers is a first-choice among engineers at mid-size and enterprise companies. 

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