Urethane Rollers

What sets our urethane rollers apart is durability and unmatched adherence to tight tolerances. Both diameter and runout are critical when running speeds at 200 inches per second. In that kind of environment, there is no room for variation on a single tire or across multiple rollers. Our transport rollers effortlessly handle the demands placed on them. Even if your application is much less rigorous, we give the same detailed attention to the molding of every roller.

Polyurethane material offers superior wear resistance and sustained coefficient of friction (COF) in paper feed applications. Our proprietary bonding technique is designed so that the material yields before the bond fails.

Urethane Coated Bearings

Another feature of our polyurethane products is noise mitigation. Our poly coated bearings, or urethane coated bearings, are used frequently as track rollers in various applications where noise is a problem – whether it be in an office, home, or studio environment.

Bearing-to-rail resonance generated in a metal frame can be reduced to a fraction of the decibels by simply using a coated bearing, sometimes referred to as a urethane wheel. We use proprietary formulations to create our polyurethane castings, which are direct-bonded right to a standard ball bearing.

We can work with a wide range of bearing sizes and can mold almost any wall thickness up to 2.0″ OD. We source low-cost, precision bearings to provide a drop-in urethane-coated version of your existing bearing.

Roller Assembly

Sometimes referred to as hub rollers, our urethane rollers serve in many kinds of paper feed, paper converting, mail handling, and currency processing machines. Our exclusive polyurethane material holds up extremely well in these environments for long periods of time.

Available in polyester and polyether cast material. We offer flat, crowned, ribbed, and grooved surfaces with an extended hub (set screw included), or without. And, because of our unique product offering, we are one of the few companies that can supply a roller/ timing pulley combination.

Segmented Rollers

Significantly lower the cost of your shaft assembly, and order polyurethane rollers pre-assembled to the shaft. No need for hubs or set screws.

Made of the same material as our roller assemblies, we use a thicker, harder inner layer to achieve a heavy press-fit for assembly (up to .008″ interference). Ideal for use as drive or feed rollers in currency, paper, and even playing card applications, our line of segmented rollers is a first-choice among engineers at many Fortune 500 companies.

Made with a clean look, our urethane rollers are popular because of their long life under constant loads at high speeds.

Want to see our rollers before you buy?

Types of rollers available:

  • Drive rollers
  • Crowned rollers
  • Urethane coated bearings
  • Feed rollers
  • Idler rollers
  • NIP rollers
  • Retard rollers
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Urethane covered carriage cams

Features of Our Urethanes

  • Custom Molded Urethane Rollers
  • Non-marking
  • Void-free molding process
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Near-zero runout
  • Custom urethane formulas
  • Precision ground
  • Anti-static available
  • Bond or press-fit to substrates (hub or shaft)
  • Direct-bond to bearings
  • Single or segmented rollers
  • Available on aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate substrates*
  • Surface treads include flat, crowned, grooved, and ribbed
  • Standard durometers range from 35A to 95A

Please contact us for a customized durometer beyond that range

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