Timing Pulleys

Timing Belt Pulleys

We know pulleys. Circular Technologies got its name in part because of our history in making precision power transmission drive components. We supply nearly all miniature timing pulley profiles that are available – metric and imperial. See the list of profiles below. Outside diameters up to 9″. Power transmission components and assemblies are our specialties. Whether you need a single component timing pulley or a shaft assembly, complete with drive or idler pulleys, shafts, bearings, and mounting blocks, we are ready to assist you. We offer standard and custom pulley sizes.

Do you need high volume products continually shipped product monthly or weekly? We can help. All of our synchronous drive components are available for purchase on discreet buys or annual blanket orders with monthly or even weekly releases.
We aren’t intimidated by tight tolerances. We can achieve bore tolerances down to +/- .0005″ or lower. TIR and circular runout can be held to better-than-industry tolerances.

Profiles Available

  • MXL (MP) (.080”)
  • 40DP/LT (.0816”)
  • XL (.200”)
  • L (.375”)
  • H (.500”)
  • 3mm HTD®
  • 5mm HTD®
  • 8mm HTD®
  • 2mm PowerGrip GT®
  • 3mm PowerGrip GT®
  • 5mm PowerGrip GT®
  • 8mm PowerGrip GT®
  • FHT1 (1mm) Fenner
  • FHT2 (2mm) Fenner
  • FHT3 (3mm) Fenner
  • AT5, AT5N, T5 & T5N (5mm)
  • AT10, AT10N, T10 & T10N (10mm)
  • Poly-V® profile pulleys – J & H section
  • Flat, Crowned and Grooved

We are an authorized timing pulley manufacturer for all Fenner Precision profiles.

Materials available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless and machinable plastics.

Please call for other materials.

HTD®, Power Grip GT® are registered trademarks of the Gates Corporation.

Poly-V® is a registered trademark of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Poly-V, Crowned, and Flat Pulleys

We don’t just do timing belt pulleys. We offer flat pulleys, crowned pulleys, idler pulleys, V-pulleys, sheaves, and more. If it’s round, we can probably make it! Our name is Circular, you know. We also do assemblies that utilize multiple designs – cog, Poly V, even urethane rollers – all on one shaft.

Pulley Stock

Do you need just a piece of pulley stock? No problem. All of our profiles are available for purchase. No minimum quantity to buy. All of our timing belt pulley stock is hobbed in-house to industry standards. Just give us your specs, and we will build to order – delivered in a few short weeks. Timing pulley stock lead times almost never exceed 4 weeks on your dock.

Did you know? On under 1″ diameter, we offer 21″ extra-long pulley stock – and yes, it is hobbed. Fewer bars to load in your machine means greater productivity on your floor. Call us. You will be pleased with the results.

We can cross-reference all major competitors’ part numbers.

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