Sometimes referred to as hub rollers, our urethane roller assembly components serve in many kinds of document feed, paper converting, mail handling, and currency processing applications. Circular Technologies’ exclusive polyurethane material holds up extremely well in these environments for long periods of time.

Convenience with Durability

Our urethane roller assemblies can easily be removed and replaced with minimal down time. We machine the aluminum or steel hubs in-house, so you are sure to receive a fully integrated assembly manufactured with one purpose in mind:  to produce a roller that moves media flawlessly in your machine. We also offer integrated hubs that do not protrude, offering space saving when needed. The set screw drives through the center of the urethane, providing the same robust attachment to the shaft.

Understanding your application is important in offering you the best solution. Whether it is becoming familiar with your system’s common failure modes or its speeds and loads, we make it a priority to ask the questions that will result in optimal roller performance. Environment is a critical component. Certain conditions require specific urethane formulations. Polyether performs best in humidity or exposure to water, and polyester is best when the roller makes contact with oils. We offer a formulation best suited to your application.

Roller assemblies are available in a range of designs:  flat, crowned, ribbed, and grooved surfaces.  As stated earlier, hubs can be designed with an extended hub or without. And, because of our unique product offering that includes timing pulleys, we are one of the few companies that can make a combination roller/ timing pulley design.