One of the more innovative applications of our rollers is urethane coated bearings.  With a sleek design, Circular Technologies coated bearings are essentially idler rollers that also assists in noise reduction, that would otherwise occur from metal-to-metal contact from standard ball bearings. Our urethane coated bearings are used frequently in track carriages or transport robots or any location where noise is a problem – whether it be in on a film set, a data warehouse, or a studio environment.

Zero Tolerance for Noise

Bearing-to-rail resonance (sound) generated in a metal frame is amplified by the aluminum throughout the frame. This often disrupts work in nearby office cubicles, or is picked up as background noise on a film set. The simple design of a urethane coated bearing, sometimes referred to as a urethane wheel, dramatically brings down the sound to almost zero decibels. We use proprietary formulations in our urethanes, which are direct-bonded right to standard ball bearings. No need to mold to an aluminum sleeve prior to installing a bearing.

We can bond our urethane to a range of bearing sizes and we offer infinite sizing of diameters up to 2.0″ OD. We source low-cost, precision bearings to provide a drop-in urethane coated bearing replacement of your existing ball bearing.

Other companies cannot hold tight tolerances due to limitations associated with other molding processes. Our urethane rollers are precision-ground to serve demanding applications where runout must be minimized.

As an idler, our urethane coated bearings provide superior performance in the media transport space for cash handling, document processing, and graphic imaging equipment.

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